Samuel Cotterall
Curriculum vitae

I am a senior UI engineer with twelve years industry experience.

I am currently interested in static site generation, PaaS, smart home and fintech.


  • HTML, CSS and Sass
  • JavaScript, React and Vue
  • Static site generators (Gatsby, Hugo)
  • GraphQL and REST
  • Figma and Sketch
  • Accessible design

Working Knowledge

  • Serverless
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Ansible)
  • Virtualisation and Containerisation (Docker, Vagrant)


Balance & Symmetry

After leaving magneticNorth in 2015 I started Balance & Symmetry.

At the start of 2017 I was joined by my wife, Caroline, who has helped to expand our project management offering.

Infinity Works (contract)

During my time at MAG-O I worked closely with the team at Infinity Works and, after leaving MAG-O, I was invited to help their then-new Manchester office with some further projects.

LANCE Platform

With my knowledge of the VueJS framework I was brought in to provide UX/UI assistance to the tax reporting and compliance service.

Golang AWS VueJS Fintech

National Careers Service — Understanding Myself Beta

At the start of 2019 I was asked to help deliver a GDS Beta for the National Careers Service, working with IWC’s engineers and the design and research team at Hippo Digital.

Azure GDS


For the last six months I have working with IWC’s engineers to build a number of proof-of-concepts for the FTTP provider.

AWS React WordPress Telecoms

Manchester Airport Group (contract)

UI Engineer for Retail

I was brought in to MAG-O (Manchester Airports Group’s in-house agency) to offer some much-needed front-end support on their existing retail experience; working with their UX team to test and improve the customer journey within a somewhat limited off-the-shelf platform (Umbraco, UCommerce).

At the beginning of 2018, as the team moved into their new premises and rapidly grew in size, the project underwent a major re-platforming: transitioning to a more decoupled architecture (.NET Core 2, AWS, Serverless) and making use of tools such as WebPack, ES6 and Vue.

During this time I continued to work closely with UX designers/researchers: observing user testing sessions, prototyping interfaces and developing A/B tests in Optimizely.

During my time at MAG-O I was able to gain experience of working on a large codebase that was shared across multiple teams, using concepts such as mainline development and feature flagging to achieve continuous delivery.

AWS Umbraco VueJS ecommerce

UI Engineer for Project MATT

After leaving the MAG-O Retail I was re-hired by their new “Agency Task Team”, a team put together to support Manchester Airport Group’s various internal departments across Manchester, East Midlands and Stansted.

In my short time here I developed a piece of digital signage to display flight information in East Midlands airport (Vue and Vuex), calling upon my experience of designing and building for IPTV.

VueJS WordPress


During my time at mN I was responsible for developing high-quality front-end code (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), working with back-end systems such as the Zend Framework, WordPress and Umbraco to deliver large-scale projects for clients such as Kellogg’s, Google and The BBC.

In addition I worked closely with the design team to design the user experience on many of our projects.