Weeknotes 10, on 2019

December 29, 20192 min read

I’m sorry about the lack of updates: I’ve had a tough few weeks.

I always find this time of year difficult: the pressure of Christmas, the short days, the looming reality of January. And this year was especially hard.

I had been doing well for the last few months. I was sleeping properly, doing plenty of exercise, reading a lot of books, eating well, productive, happy. This was thanks, in part, to my weeknotes which kept me focused and accountable.

When my grandfather passed away at the end of November my routine quickly fell apart. I had no motivation to look after myself. I tried to keep up with these weeknotes but everything felt too raw.

I begrudgingly agreed to put our decorations up on Christmas Eve.

With Caroline and I being ill over Christmas it has forced us to rest and recuperate.

Thankfully I can feel the clouds starting to pass.

2019 in Review

According to Strava I did 183 hours of sport, working-out on 140 days. A record year for me. Highlights include running my first half-marathon and a the summer evenings I spent riding around Cheshire with Gary.

I read more than ever this year. Audible, combined with a lot of running and commuting, helped with this.

Here’s a list of books I read and enjoyed:

In September we had an offer accepted on our first house and we’re currently waiting on completion.

Spent a really nice week hanging out in Summerset and Cornwall with Caroline. Great weather. Totally uplifting and wonderful.

Good year professionally. Learned lots of new things, made a lot of money but didn’t take enough time off. This is going to change in 2020.

Started to take the guitar seriously. Learned a lot of music theory; something I should have done about fifteen years ago.

2019, a mixed bag.