Weeknotes 3, on my homemade AirPlay receiver

October 27, 20193 min read

Raspberry Pi Airplay Server

One task that has been sat on my todo list for the last twelve months was to re-purpose a spare Raspberry Pi into an AirPlay server so I can stream music to the hifi in my lounge.

I installed Shairport Sync and connected it to my amplifier using the on-board 3.5mm headphone jack.

The on-board audio sounds fine, but I’ll invest in higher quality DAC (either in HAT form or standalone) at some point.

As an aside, I came across Pimoroni’s Enviro+: a small and affordable (£45) set of environmental sensors for the Pi (temperature, humidity, light, sound and particulate matter).

Work: final Show & Tell

On Wednesday our team presented our final Show & Tell to our project’s main stakeholders.

There was a bit of a panic on Tuesday night after our product owner requested some last-minute changes to the UI. The changes could be done in time (and were) but I was worried about introducing bugs that would be uncovered during the demo.

It was a nervous couple of hours as we presented the site, and as our PO slid the laptop over to one of the stakeholders and asked them to use the system. My heart sunk as they started putting backslashes into fields designed specifically for numbers and changing the date to 32/13/20000000.

Amazingly: nothing broke. Phew.


It has been a pretty busy week, with a couple of social events, so my routine has been somewhat disturbed. A couple of nights I went to bed a little later than I might have preferred.

Managed to fast Monday to Friday but, as I was out on both Friday and Saturday night, I wasn’t able to fast at all this weekend. I was also able to increase my fasting time to 18 hours on a couple of those days.

According to Moodpath I feel good/very good.

Ran twice this week. Not good enough.

Goals for next week


I finished Ryan Holiday’s new book, Stillness is the Key, this week. I’m not sure I learned anything new from this book but it’s a good reminder that we should all be looking for “inner peace”; especially in the face of today’s endless supply of distraction. A book full of truth.

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” — Blaise Pascal

I found the audiobook (read by the author) a bit low-budget but it’s a short enough listen.

My friend Gregory has started blogging again.