Weeknotes 7

November 24, 20191 min read

I was not,
I have been,
I am not,
I do not mind.
- Epicurius

Talk Club

On Thursday I attended the Infinity Works Talk Club at North Coders. Talk Club is designed to help consultants improve their public speaking skills on a subject of their choosing: cheating in cycling, the design of everyday things, Chernobyl, losing large sums of money at a Macau poker table.

The standout talk was Georgia’s presentation on the environmental impact of The Internet.

Lake District

Today (Sunday) Caroline and I drove up to the Lake District. Stopped at Chesters for lunch.


Ran three times this week (18 miles, 29 kilometers). New winter kit was great.

According to Moothpath I had a couple of off-days this week. Work was challenging and trains were bad.

Only had about three drinks this week. Not bad.