Weeknotes 2, on Gatsby.js

October 20, 20193 min read

Learning Gatsby

I’d been considering how I might share these weeknotes online: Medium seems de rigueur but I have some reservations about it as a platform.

Instead I decided this as a good opportunity to learn Gatsby (a React-based static site generator).

I’ve been using React for a number of client projects recently and I was keen to get my head around Gatsby. I still don’t really understand GraphQL, despite the fact that I use it every day professionally, but Gatsby’s documentation had recipes for everything I needed.

I also decided to use Netlify to host the site and was impressed with how quick it was to set up an automated build pipeline. The pipeline looks something like this:

Diagram of Gatsby-Netlify workflow


With Tech Lead Trevor being in Chernobyl this week I lead our team’s show and tell. Good feedback from product owner.

Our weekly goals were looking unachievable by Wednesday, with my main ticket sitting In Progress for most of the week, but things really came together on Friday morning and we were able to pot all of the goals in good time.

In hindsight we should have broken our tickets down: even if just to show progress to the team each morning.


I’ve been struggling to shake a cold this week so I didn’t manage to get any exercise in. I’m feeling better now so I’m looking forward to getting a run in tomorrow.

I managed to fast on five days, but did kinda eat like shit for most of the week (lots of bread, some crisps, granola). I ate Go Falafel twice. Must do better next week.

I’d been experimenting with Nootropics for the last few weeks, trying Motion’s Unplug capsules to improve my sleep. After thirty days I can’t say that I’ve noticed any difference.

I started taking 250mg of Magnesium a few nights ago and have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep. My Garmin watch tells me I’m currently achieving more REM sleep, which might explain the wild dreams I’ve been having.


I was recommended Bruce Springsteen’s Western Stars (2019) by my dad. It was not what I was expecting: wonderful stories over these beautiful Bacharachian arrangements. His voice is incredible on this record too.

I also discovered Robbie Knox’s YouTube channel this week. Highly recommended if you like watching a middle-aged man grow potatoes and go to the tip.